Mark43 RMS

Records Management System

Equip your department with Mark43 RMS, the seamlessly integrated application that is reinventing law enforcement data collection and management.

Proven to Keep Officers On the Street

A massive reduction in report writing time meant the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department could put more officers on the street instead of behind a computer screen.

  • 50%

    reduction in arrest report writing time

  • 80%

    reduction in incident/offense reporting time

  • 238,000 hours

    saved per year on report writing

  • 110+ officers

    effectively added to patrol

Streamlined Data Collection

Mark43 RMS is optimized to allow patrol officers to quickly and accurately capture incident information so records admins and analysts can focus on putting that data to work.

  • Dynamic fields display only when contextually relevant
  • Active error detection eliminates time-consuming revisions and duplicate records
  • Automatic NIBRS/UCR code mapping simplifies required stat reporting

Information At Your Fingertips

Mark43 RMS makes entity data rapidly searchable and easily scannable, empowering departments to make informed decisions and effectively allocate resources.

  • Comprehensive entity profiles display pertinent cautions and allow users to drill into detailed report history, biographical, and personal network information
  • Multi-input and fuzzy match search filters enable situational awareness without complicated syntax
  • Saved searches recall commonly used queries for future use

Eliminate Information Silos

While most departments struggle to keep track of incident data in multiple systems and handwritten logs, Mark43 RMS finally puts everything in one place.

  • Hardware-agnostic software is adaptable for any web-enabled device in the department
  • Single-application workflows eliminate transcription and constant window switching
  • Configurable fields, barcodes, and location aliases maintain uniform records as policies change
  • Open API sends data between third-parties and Mark43 RMS

Security & Stability in the Cloud

Mark43 is the first to offer an integrated software platform built on true multi-tenant cloud architecture and the industry-leading
AWS GovCloud. This means:

  • FBI CJIS capable data storage and sharing
  • Regular software upgrades with zero downtime
  • Predictable, annual subscription pricing
  • Rapid, scalable implementation for multi-jurisdictional use

Mark43 RMS Core Capabilities

Report Writing

  • In-Station & Mobile Field Reporting
  • Incident, Offense, & Arrest Reports
  • Field Contact Reports
  • Vehicle Tow Reports
  • Use of Force Reports
  • Active Error Detection
  • Unlimited Report Attachments
  • Word Processing Tools
  • Context-Sensitive Report Export Formats
  • Full Report Audit History

Investigative Cases

  • Seamless Report Import
  • Active Master Entity Sync
  • Unlimited Case Attachments
  • Word Processing Tools
  • Dashboard for Case Tracking
  • Preset Task Lists by Case Type
  • Email and In-App Notifications
  • Context-Sensitive Case Export Formats
  • Full Case Audit History

Property & Evidence

  • Automatic Custodial Property Summary Report Generation
  • Mobile Device Application for Barcode Scanning, Audits, and ID Capture
  • Configurable Barcodes & Disposition Notifications
  • Bulk Item Filtering & Actioning
  • Dashboard for Inventory Management
  • Department Personnel Linked to Chain of Custody
  • Email & In-App Notifications
  • Full Evidence Audit History

Booking & Jail

  • Linked Arrestee Record/Arrest Reports
  • Configurable Holding Areas & Intake Questionnaires
  • Dashboard for Arrestee & Cell Tracking
  • Department Personnel Linked to Booking Record
  • Context-Sensitive Booking Record Export Formats
  • Email & In-App Notifications
  • Full Record Audit History

Stat Reporting & Crime Analysis

  • Automatic NIBRS/UCR Code Mapping
  • Integrated Workspace for UCR Report Creation
  • Real-Time Dashboard for Platform-Wide Stats
  • Generate Custom Graphs, Charts, Tables, & Maps
  • Advanced CAD, RMS, & Entity Search
  • Multi-Input & Fuzzy Match Search Filters
  • Comprehensive Analysis Filters
  • Data Visualization Support

System Administration

  • Configurable Permissions & Roles
  • Configurable Fields, Codes, & Validation Rules
  • Shapefile Import
  • Configurable Street & Location Aliases
  • Configurable Department Alerts & Notifications
  • IP Address Whitelisting/Blacklisting
  • Open API for Third-Party Connections


Officers are completing arrest reports before they get to the station, basic reports take about five minutes, and even the most complicated of arrests are done in less than half the time it used to take.

— Patrol Officer
Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department

…We know what is going on hour to hour and minute to minute and we can adjust our deployment accordingly. If you have a strong data system, it takes so much of the guesswork out of things for the first responder.

— Crime Analysis Director
Camden County Police Department, NJ

I just want to thank you for making our lives much easier… Now I can go back on the streets and assist my fellow officers.

— Patrol Officer
Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department

The previous system required 3,052 hours in overtime and comp time. Mark43 took less than 370. The savings for the taxpayer are going to be substantial — now and long-term.

— Captain
Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office