Mark43 Partners With SPIDR Tech To Enhance Community Communications for Law Enforcement Agencies

By combining Mark43’s cloud-based software with SPIDR Tech’s CAD Autoresponder and Victim Notifications Platform, the companies are making policing more responsive

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NEW YORK, NYMark43, a leading cloud-based public safety software provider, today announced that it is partnering with SPIDR Tech, a technology company that offers data-driven policing applications, to enable the best possible community relations for law enforcement agencies.

In order to continue building out the Mark43 platform offering, the company designs its software with integrations and innovative future use cases in mind. Mark43’s Records Management System (RMS) and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) will be integrated with SPIDR Tech’s CAD Autoresponder and Victim Notifications to help law enforcement agencies automate communications to crime victims and reporting parties.

While Mark43 brings efficiency and flexibility to public safety data management, SPIDR Tech’s core product features reproduce customer service principles that have been successful for decades in the private sector. These include acknowledgment of customer communications, regular updates, and a feedback loop in the form of a mobile-friendly post-service survey.

For example, when an officer is dispatched to a 911 call, a text message is sent to the reporting party informing them the officer is en route and to notify the call taker if the location has changed. Crime victims would receive similar updates via email and text message that would provide them with more information regarding their crime report. Transparent communication such as this is essential throughout high-stress emergency situations. These communications help build trust and confidence, reduce administrative calls and complaints, decrease operational and personnel costs, and provide insightful customer data that supports data-driven policing initiatives.

By utilizing an open vendor-to-vendor API integration, the products will be connected at a level that allows customers to enjoy seamless functionality between both platforms. Through this integration, data is transferred through Mark43’s and SPIDR Tech’s systems in real-time, providing visibility as events occur for officers and reporting parties alike.

We’re very excited to add this functionality to our platform offering to help agencies with their community outreach efforts.” said Scott Crouch, CEO & Co-Founder of Mark43. “We look forward to multiplying the existing efficiencies of Mark43 with new and innovative integrations like SPIDR Tech.”

“We share the belief that law enforcement agencies require the best technology available to them to be able to provide the best service they can to their communities.” said Rahul Sidhu, CEO & Co-Founder of SPIDR Tech. “We are excited to embark on that same mission with Mark43, and we look forward to modernizing law enforcement technology alongside them.”

“During my continual search for new law enforcement technologies, Mark43 and SPIDR Tech have independently proven themselves to be game-changing companies that provide real, innovative solutions for our profession,” said Keith Kauffman, Chief of Police at the Redondo Beach (CA) Police Department. “I’m excited to see the benefits for our communities as these two technological leaders work together to move the needle forward on efficiency and customer service.”

Attendees at the California Police Chiefs Association Training Symposium (March 6-10) in Santa Clara, California can visit Mark43’s booth #110 to learn more.  

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About Mark43

Mark43 is the modern platform built for wherever your service takes you. With cloud-native, intuitive software designed to let you focus on what matters most, Mark43 gives agencies a technology foundation to build from — smart, open, and extensible — growing and innovating with you as your needs evolve. Developed by a team that spans five offices in North America, Mark43 is proven, tested, and supported in over 60 public safety agencies of all sizes. For more information, visit

About SPIDR Tech

SPIDR Tech was founded in 2015 with one goal in mind: To give law enforcement agencies the technology they need to provide the best possible customer service to their communities.

SPIDR Tech helps law enforcement agencies leverage customer service technologies and principles that have been successful for decades in the private sector. By building the world’s first, fully automated customer service platform dedicated to the needs of modern policing, SPIDR Tech enables law enforcement agencies to improve their public perception while greatly decreasing their liability and personnel costs.

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