Mark43 Offers To Donate A One-Year Subscription to Pandemic Preparedness Package For Any Public Safety Agency in the United States

Mark43’s free software will enable agencies to easily and securely store mission-critical data associated with the COVID-19 pandemic

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NEW YORK, NY April 16, 2020 Mark43, the leading cloud-based public safety software company, today announced that it is donating a one-year subscription to its Pandemic Preparedness Package (full offering linked here) for any interested public safety agency in the United States. The Mark43 Pandemic Preparedness Package enables agencies to capture actionable data on how COVID-19 is affecting the agency.

In the last month, public safety agencies have discovered a completely new set of data they need to collect for COVID-19 exposures and workforce impacts and are generally unprepared with any formal, dedicated solution to collect this information. Command staff has suddenly found itself with little visibility into how COVID-19 is impacting their ranks. Mark43, in record time, has created a new product to securely keep track of all of this data. 

The Pandemic Preparedness Package includes Potential Exposure Reports, an Exposure Status Update Report, and a COVID-19 Potential Exposure Dashboard. The technology seamlessly addresses a number of pandemic-specific pain points for agencies, including workforce management, documentation for benefits and posterity, and data tracking for FEMA reimbursement requests to cover costs expended during national disasters. 

Unlike ad-hoc solutions such as spreadsheets or paper forms, Mark43’s award-winning technology adheres to the highest government standards for security, confidentiality, and availability. The software runs on AWS GovCloud, a leader in cloud computing technology for sensitive data. In addition to being incredibly secure, Mark43 can be implemented and configured within a few days, meaning agencies can begin using the product immediately instead of waiting for a many-month implementation. 

This emergency offering is available to client and non-client agencies alike. Mark43 will provide all the resources agencies need to get up and running within a few days, including template emails, the Mark43 documentation suite, and training videos.

“We are dedicated to being the best technology partner for public safety agencies, which necessitates acting quickly in the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Matthew Polega, Mark43 Co-Founder and Head of Marketing. “With simple, stress-free technology at their fingertips, our public safety providers can focus on keeping communities and staff healthy and safe.”

We hope agencies will not need to use this package beyond one year. If participants are interested in maintaining access to the platform beyond the one-year period, they will have the option to renew at fair market value.

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