Tech Services

Tech Services

Build the partner and third-party integrations that complete Mark43’s data platform.


Build the partner and third-party integrations that complete Mark43’s data platform.

  • 1MM+ Records migrated from legacy systems
  • 9 Phish songs in team Spotify playlist
  • 5 Aquatic-themed onesies owned by team members
What we do

We use our technical and analytical abilities to craft a seamless transition for clients upgrading to Mark43.

Data warehouse Un-scrambling
Each police department maps their data out in different ways.  We utilize ETL tools and techniques to make sense of legacy data while maintaining integrity and quality.

Internal tool development
We build tools, APIs and processes to improve the efficiency of our team, our clients’ developers, and others we support.

Statistical Analysis
We want our clients to be able to gain deep insights into their work with as little hassle as possible. By building custom dashboard solutions, we allow our clients to run insightful searches at the click of a button.

how we do it

We rely on our engineering experience and client facing experience to build integrations and support data migrations. We become experts on the software platforms utilized by our customers in order to build custom APIs and interfaces that work seamlessly between our software and those of external vendors. We take an all hands on deck approach to support launches and work closely with our clients’ IT teams to ensure a smooth cutover.

recent projects
  • Migrated over 30 years of law enforcement data to support a recent launch
  • Developing industry-specific data tools to enable us to work more efficiently through data migrations
  • Built integrations between our products and our partners’ products, including an online citizen reporting system, 911 call systems, and more

After spending a few years at other companies talking to clients about the software they wished they had, I realized I wanted to actually build something. That’s what I do at Mark43. Not only do I have to understand our clients’ mission-critical software needs, but I get to work hands-on, developing the actual solutions to their real-world problems.

- Josh K., Deployments Engineer

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