Turn to Tech: How to Navigate Today’s Police Leadership Challenges

Live Webinar on July 24, 2018


Mark43 CAD

Computer Aided Dispatch

Deliver better data to your dispatch with Mark43 CAD, the latest cloud technology enhancing the speed and performance of emergency response.

Dispatch with Data

Mark43 CAD and Mark43 RMS leverage the data your agency already collects to keep first responders safer and better informed. There’s no reason for first responders to blindly enter dangerous situations when critical information about a person or location can be at their disposal.

  • Bi-Directional Syncing pulls all related CAD event and report histories to the front of event assignments with links to dig deeper
  • Multi-Level Cautions visually aggregate pertinent information for immediate contextual awareness of a scene

The Next Generation of Configuration

When every second counts, so does every click, button, and field. The configurability tools within Mark43 CAD are designed to meet today’s workflows and easily adapt to tomorrow’s new reality.

  • Syntax-Friendly Command Line enables configurable department-specific hotkeys
  • Automatic Status Timers cue dispatchers to units needing attention and make all activity trackable for future policy changes
  • Manageable Presets for units, call signs, priority levels, and statuses fit how your agency communicates and works – without a vendor work order or upgrade

Mission-Critical Mapping

Fully integrated AVL mapping – at no extra cost to your agency – keeps dispatchers and units in tune and connected to the communities they protect and serve.

  • Unit & Event Markers intuitively animate real-time GPS data from vehicles and department issued smartphones so active responders always know what’s going on and where
  • Google-Integrated Map & Satellite Views can be layered with agency-provided hotspots and other external jurisdictional data

Seamless Data Exchange

Mark43 CAD and Mark43 RMS are natively linked to federal, state, and local databases, so first responders don’t have to radio for help or hopelessly sift through search results in multiple applications.

  • Automatic Formatting transforms raw query results from select databases to a reader-friendly display while retaining the option to view the original data
  • Platform-Wide Search Performance means hundreds of thousands to millions of results can be queried in under one second and quickly routed to appropriate parties

Guaranteed Cloud Mobility

Mark43 CAD powers field response with a mobile unit view optimized for laptop or tablet use in vehicle. Built on the industry-leading AWS GovCloud, Mark43 works with your agency to make sure web-connected units stay mobile in the cloud.

  • Guaranteed Uptime of up to 99.95%
  • Multiple Data Center Redundancy reduces risk of loss during disasters
  • Free Assistance with multiple ISP implementation



  • Individualized Workstation Setup
  • Auto Complete Verified Event Locations & ANI/ALI Data
  • Prominent Alerts for New Information
  • Configurable Command Line
  • Bi-Directional Syncing for Historical Data
  • Multi-Layered AVL Map View
  • Real-Time Event Chat  
  • Override Ability for Unit Recommendations

First Responder

  • Seamless RMS Report Generation
  • Prominent Alerts for New Information  
  • Bi-Directional Syncing for Historical Data
  • Real-Time Event Chat  
  • Multi-Layered AVL Map View
  • Automatic and Manual Status-Setting Ability

System Administrator

  • Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet Agnostic
  • Web-Based and Installed Application Options
  • Vendor-Free Configurations
  • Scheduling System Integration
  • Seamless Data Exchange for External Databases
  • Full Event Log
  • IP Address Whitelisting/Blacklisting
  • Open API for Third-Party Connections