Data Analytics & Intelligence

Deeper context and control of mission-critical data

Real-time Operational Intelligence

Mark43 ANALYTICS places structured CAD and RMS data in the graphs, charts, tables, and maps that best suit your agency’s operational picture.

  • Prebuilt Report Library offers several configurable analytics dashboards for basic reporting and CompStat requests
  • Data Visualization Support during the implementation phase helps get your agency started

Hands-on Data Exploration

With hundreds of queryable data fields and dimensions, Mark43 ANALYTICS empowers analysts to create their own real-time visualizations and gather new insights.

  • Intuitive Data Explorer allows click-and-drag selection of fields, filters, and pivots to make custom dashboards and reports
  • Raw CSV Export available for offline analysis needs

Interactive Reporting

While some agencies are left with guesswork, Mark43 ANALYTICS enables sworn and civilian staff to make data-informed decisions on the fly.  

  • Shareable Dashboards can be distributed instantly in app or via PDF or CSV export
  • Device-Agnostic App optimized for desktop, laptop, and tablet use

True Data Ownership and Control

This is your data. Mark43 provides the flexibility to access it with the tools and mechanisms you choose.

  • Free Open API sends data between Mark43 and third-party systems
  • MS-SQL Data Lake provides a near real-time replica of the Mark43 application database
  • Data Dictionary and Schema Support ensures your agency is getting the most out of your data

Mark43 ANALYTICS Core Capabilities

Crime Analyst

  • Prebuilt Statistical Report Library
  • Hands-On Configurable Data Explorer  
  • Comprehensive Analysis Filters, Dimensions, and Pivots
  • Raw Excel, Text, CSV, JSON, HTML, Markdown, and PNG Export
  • Full Dashboard PDF Export
  • In-App Dashboard Sharing
  • Data Visualization Support

Database Administrator

  • Open API for Third-Party Connections
  • MS-SQL Data Lake
  • Database Table Replicas
  • Database Standard Views
  • Database Specialized View Support

System Administrator

  • Desktop, Laptop and Tablet Agnostic
  • IP Address Whitelisting/Blacklisting


We have a better ability to directly impact people’s lives in the city because we have the best data possible to complete our investigations.

—Sergeant, Richmond Police Department

We know what is going on hour to hour and minute to minute and we can adjust our deployment accordingly.

—Crime Analyst, Camden County Police Department

Mark43 has streamlined the work for our Records Unit, which runs 24/7.

—Captain, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office