What We Stand For

The Mark43 mission is to empower communities and their governments with new technologies that improve the safety and quality of life for all.

  • Operate with Humility.

    The best ideas win, no matter who they come from. No ego.

  • Include.

    Embrace people, ideas, and diversity of thought. Respect expertise.

  • Be Diligent.

    Take ownership; do the drudge work. Understand the stakes.

  • Pursue Excellence.

    Demonstrate and encourage quality. Continuously improve.

Who We Are

We are a group of thinkers and doers. We question the status quo. We drive harder to produce results.

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Awards & Recognition

  • Interaction Awards ‘17 Best in Category

    Interaction Design Association

  • The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies

    Fast Company

  • GovTech 100


  • Best in Government Technology

    Code for America

Leadership Team

  • photo

    Scott Crouch

    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

  • photo

    Matthew Polega

    Co-Founder & Head of Marketing

  • photo

    Florian Mayr

    Co-Founder & Vice President of Solution Architecture

  • photo

    Stephen Okano

    Chief Technology Officer

  • photo

    David Jochim

    Chief Operating Officer

  • photo

    Steven Salberta

    Chief Financial Officer

  • photo

    Rebecca Welsh

    Co-General Counsel

  • photo

    Shira Saiger

    Co-General Counsel

  • photo

    Steve Hoffman

    Vice President of People

  • photo

    Matthew Portanova

    Vice President of Deployments

  • photo

    Allan Mackiewicz

    Managing Director, Asia Pacific

  • photo

    Kevin Fray

    Director of Solutions Architecture

  • photo

    Christine Shieh

    Director of Product Operations

  • photo

    Danny Cho

    Vice President of Business Development

  • photo

    EJ Bensing

    Vice President of Engineering

  • photo

    Dom Pellegrini

    Vice President of Sales

  • photo

    Bridget Martin

    Director of Recruiting

  • photo

    Teri Amy

    Director of Professional Technical Services

  • photo

    Josh Seiden

    Director of Program Development

  • photo

    Greer Davis

    Director of Support Operations

  • photo

    Matt Neal

    Director of Implementation

  • photo

    Katharine Brydges

    Director of Engineering

  • photo

    Tony Slokar

    Director of Technology, Asia Pacific

  • photo

    Ray Ly


Advisors & Investors

  • General (Ret.) David Petraeus

    Former CIA Director

  • Jeff Bezos

    CEO & Founder of Amazon

  • Sophia Bush

    Actress, Director, Activist

  • Ashton Kutcher

    Actor, Producer, Venture Capitalist

  • Ray Rothrock

    Venture Capitalist

  • Vance Serchuk

    Director, KKR

  • Catherine Reynolds


  • Sheel Tyle

    Investor, NEA

  • Tom Eisenmann

    Professor, Harvard Business School

  • Bryan Burk

    Producer & Co-Founder of Bad Robot

  • Jonathan Smidt

    Investor, KKR

  • Ed Zimmerman

    Chair, Tech Group


We are always looking for candidates whose professional aspirations and experience align with our core values.

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